#Camino Day Zero: Pamplona

The rain in Spain falls mainly in… Pamplona?


I arrived in Pamplona late last night, so rather than start on my way today I thought I’d give myself a day to relax and explore the city.

However, the view from my window this morning looked like this:


And things got steadily worse. Thunderstorm worse. Still, I’d planned for rain, so out I went into Pamplona in full-on rain gear. Good news is, it turns out my kit is fully waterproof, so I’ll start the Camino as I mean to go on: dry.

Pamplona is definitely worth the stopover. I visited the very beautiful cathedral, which had an interesting and surprisingly stylish exhibition about the history of Christianity in the Navarre region (or more honestly, I think that’s what it was about, it was all in Spanish and I’ve still got some learning to do).


Pamplona is famous for bull-running, although it’s the wrong time of year for that, there is a statue which my guidebook says lacks “nothing other than the shouts and the smell of sweat” of the real thing. It’s a nice statue but I’m not sure I’d go that far!


As well as bull running, I hear Pamplona does a pretty good line in Pintxos, so I’m off to try some now. ¡Salud!


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