#Camino Day 8: Feeding the local wildlife

Perhaps you thought because I was taking a couple of days off from walking I would have a quieter Camino experience, but no! Today I have had one of the most up close and personal experiences of the lot. I got to meet las chinches de cama.

That’s right people, I met everyone’s favourite Camino friend… bed bugs.

After what was actually my best night’s sleep since arriving, I woke up, climbed down from my bunk and I saw a little bug crawling around on my mattress. I took him off the bed with a piece of paper and put him by the sink for closer examination. The verdict was unanimous.


Photo credit: Benjamin, titled “Bad Bugs”

The ultimate test? I’m afraid the bed bug met his maker. And, I’ll spare you the second photo, but there’s no doubt he had been feasting on pilgrims. Even worse we found a couple more of them crawling around on the floor.

So now I am hanging out in the hostel’s common room washing EVERYTHING (and I mean everything, I even went out and bought a €5 dress so I could do this). In fairness to the hostel they’ve acted quickly. They’ve shut off a whole floor and they’re fumigating it.

But once I’ve made sure any bugs that might be on my things are dead… I’m off to a hotel. There’s only so far you can take a girl out of the city!!!


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