#Camino Days 15 and 16: Camino Magico

“Magic Camino” might seem like a strange title for my blog when I tell you that I spent all of yesterday completely knocked out by a vicious cold, but bear with me.

The day certainly didn’t start well, I felt like I’d been bashed around the head and I could barely pull myself out of bed to ask the hostel if could stay another night. Thankfully, they said I could, which isn’t always the case.

I spent most of the day horizontal, veering endlessly between too hot and then too cold. In the evening I dragged myself downstairs just because I realised I needed to eat something.

Bleary-eyed, I was seated opposite some women with American accents. A couple of seconds later and I suddenly realised that one of them was Wendy who I met on my flight out to Spain, and the other her sister-in-law (Ellen) who she’s walking with. A little bit of Camino magic just when you need it!

Even better, turns out Wendy was well stocked with cold and flu medicine, and gave me enough to dose me up for the next few days.

Last night, thanks to magic cold and flu meds, I slept reasonably well. This morning I managed to get out on the road. I was met with some, ahem, glorious weather.


The fog did let up sometimes, however, providing some pretty spectacular mountain views.


And as always, lovely people along the Camino provided tea and sympathy for cold peregrinos. Today I met Manuel who moved here from Barcelona and offers tea and coffee for donations only.


I also had a chance to walk with Wendy and Ellen for a bit which was really lovely, and reassuring on some of the more treacherous downhill mountain paths. There were some pretty hairy and slippery moments, and often it was difficult to differentiate between Camino and mountain stream!

Still, today’s walk was pretty short in comparison with some I’ve done lately, and I’ve arrived in Ponferrada feeling a little fluey, but otherwise good. The town looks worth exploring, it has an impressive Knights Templar castle among other things, but first? Vermouth and tortilla. Salud!



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