#Camino Day 24: approaching the journey’s end

Today had been a fantastic day on the Camino. A sunny, breezy, chatty day on the Camino. The kind of day that the Camino is all about. Like the Camino knows I’m about to break up with it and has pulled out all the stops.

The sparkling morning dew…


The miles of beautiful green fields…


And even some cute puppies…


… well Camino… It’s been great. It really has. I mean, it’s been a strange, painful, bed-bug, gorse-bush, flu-ridden kind of great. But it has been great.

It’s just I’ve got this other life back home and I’m looking forward to getting back to that now. So while I know we still have a few more kilometres to travel together, this is really (nearly) the end.

But for now I’ll enjoy one more drink in the sun. To the Camino!


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  1. Nice post 🙂

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