El #Camino, te engancha

I woke up to find a lovely message on my phone this morning, from Wendy, who I met on my flight out to start the Camino de Santiago one year ago today. What a wonderful reminder of the magic of the Way.

I saw the magic when I was out there, of course. In the first few days of walking I met a couple of Spanish men, Julio and Javier, who told me there’s an expression “el Camino, te engancha”*. I had to ask them to explain what they meant, and Julio illustrated by hooking a finger into his mouth like a fish might get caught on a fishing hook.

Me walking with Julio and Javier

I didn’t think much about that expression at the time, but anyone who knows me will know the Camino has hooked me. Since I returned, I haven’t been able to stop talking about the many amazing experiences I had along the way and the beautiful Spanish countryside. And that’s before you get me started on the Pilgrims’ menus. And the wine.

Most of all though, I’ve been hooked by the wonderful people I’ve met. Many of whom I’m still in touch with, and one of whom (Elke) I’m returning to the Camino with in a couple of weeks.

I started this blog with the intention that my family and friends could follow my travels, but also because I hoped it might be of help to some people considering starting the journey themselves. Before I head out, I’ll blog a bit about what I learnt last time, and how I’m planning for my second trip. And I’ll keep you updated once I’m out there too.

Red wine (“medicina”) and friends (including Elke on the far left) in Najera.


*I may be misremembering the Spanish so if anyone has corrections they’re much appreciated!


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