My second #Camino: a long day powered by coffee

This morning’s walk started with another spectacular moon-set and sunrise. Tomorrow there will be a full moon, so I think I’m getting spoilt.

Even better, just 3kms into our day we stopped for coffee, tortilla and juice. Caffeine gave this pilgrim, and Inês, super powers (Elke prefers hot chocolate but the effect is similar)! The morning flew by. Beautiful weather, birdsong, and the occasional stop for a snack.

We arrived at Sahagún in good spirits. Elke went to the post office to send some clothes home (always an option on the Camino) and I went to a bar for another coffee. This was a brilliant move. Along with my coffee I was given torrija, a sweet which is similar to French toast, and is apparently specially for Holy Week.

After coffees and a fairly long break, we set off again for a 7km trek to the next town. The heat increased and it felt as though the whole sky was filled with sun. The way shimmered in front of us, stretching out towards the horizon.

Reaching the next town, Bercianos del Real Camino, was a relief. I know Elke and Inês would like to have stayed. But after some beer this time, some food, and another coffee for Inês, we set off once again into the sunbaked plains.

The next 8kms were hard and hot. I think my Camino crew regretted listening to me, but eventually we made it. When we saw the sign for el Burgo Ranero we cheered. We found a lovely restaurant (more torrija) and a hostel with a garden and sun loungers.

The sun is lower in the sky and the temperature is gentler. We are proud of the distance we have walked, relaxed, and ready for dinner.


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