#Camino Inglés Day One: Feeling Pretty English

I arrived in A Coruña late last night, and went directly to my hotel in a taxi. The rain was lashing down and I was glad I didn’t have to walk anywhere. I slept badly, woken by howling wind and occasional claps of thunder. I now know why the Spanish word for a storm is “tormenta”.

I’ve started to think the rain in Spain falls mainly on Felicity…

This morning things had eased a little, and I went to explore A Coruña briefly, before heading to the train station.

On the way, the rain started up again, and I was feeling like a bit of a drowned rat by the time I reached the station. I haven’t even started the English Camino yet, but what could be more English than walking in the rain? Well, I’ll tell you what, a delayed train…

I sound like I’m complaining, but it’s actually been a lovely day. I met Alan from Wolverhampton on the train, who is a serial pilgrim, and we chatted for some of the journey.

By the time I got to Ferrol to start the Camino, the sun had come out, and Elke and Sten were waiting for me.

We picked our way through the town to find the start point in the marina. Ferrol is full of colourful street art, which invited picture taking!

Before starting our walk, we dipped our feet in the sea, as a reminder of the pilgrims who used to come to this route via boat.

A quick beer later… and we were off! It was already about 2pm at that point so we had a half-day walking. We’re easing ourselves in gently!

So far the route has been a combination of industrial and coastal, with some hints of the pretty pastoral Galicia ahead. But now, it’s time for our pilgrim’s menu, with a glass of red wine. Maybe it’s not so English afterall!


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