#Camino Inglés Day Two: A Day of Extremes

When another pilgrim’s alarm went off at 5am this morning, and they left it going for a full minute before switching it off, I thought this was going to be a bad day, but I fell asleep again, and woke up at 8am (this is crazy late for the Camino and bodes well).

We were joined by our fourth pilgrim, Annette, and went for breakfast in a lovely café with beautiful views, and great coffee.

We took our time over breakfast and didn’t start walking until ten. A relaxed day awaited us, or so we thought.

No sooner had we left than an impressive downpour began, reminding us of this Camino’s English namesake, but there’s no such thing as bad weather and all that… We all got waterproofed up.

The rain didn’t last long, and we walked along the opposite side of the estuary from yesterday, affording us brilliant views of the way we had already come.

Initially Galicia was looking beautiful and green, with only the odd lemon tree hinting that we weren’t, in fact, in Cornwall (the two regions are strikingly similar).

However the Cornish notes soon gave way to Galicia’s eucalyptus trees and thick mud that I came to know last year.

We arrived at the lovely town of Puentedeume in time for a late lunch, and we left Annette, until tomorrow. It’s her first time on the Camino, and she wanted to take things at her own pace (always the right approach).

Before leaving Puentedeume, we walked across the spectacular playa Madalena, which is pleasant in spring, but I imagine unmisssable in the summer.

From the beach we’ve had some hefty climbs and slippery descents which have left us feeling pretty tired. The Camino Inglés may be short, but it sure is challenging!

It’s been quite a day of extremes. Heavy rain, bright sunshine, steep uphill climbs and long, beautiful beaches. We finished late, and now I know we’re all ready to fall fast asleep. Let’s hope there are no more 5am alarms!


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